Curriculum Initiative

Under the leadership of head coach Allison Kneisler, the RoboJackets are developing a customized curriculum for training new members. Our goal is to develop team members that are confident and capable in multiple roles on the team, and prepared for success in college and in a career.

Content is organized into series (each row) and groups (each column). Proficency in each domain or area of specializaiton (individual cells) is organized into four tiers.

Section 1: ShopMechanicRobots as Systems & Robot DocumentationAssembly Tools & Techniques and Workspace OrganizationDrivetrain Assembly, Assessment, Maintenance, & TroubleshootingGearbox Assembly, Assessment, Maintenance, & TroubleshootingManipulator Assembly, Assessment, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting
FabricatorMeasuring, Prints, & QCCuttingDrilling & TappingFinishing3D Printing
MachinistLatheMillCNCBrakeOutsourced Machining (CNC, Water Jet, EDM)
IntegratorElectrical Assembly, Maintenance, & TroubleshootingElectrical FabricationPneumatic System Assembly, Maintenance, & TroubleshootingControls IntegrationControls System Design & Layouts
Section 2: KnowledgeInventoryWheels, Hubs, & Tread; Torque TransmissionMetals; Plastics; VersaFrameFasteners; ConsumablesMotors & gearboxes; Shafts & hardware; VEXpro Versa SystemControls (electrical, pneumatics, & sensors)
DrivetrainsDrivetrains in FRCTank DrivetrainsDrivetrain GearboxesDrivetrain OptimizationNiche Drivetrains (Swerve, Articulating, Strafing)
Manips APick & Place Manipulator Systems in FRCClaws & End EffectorsElevatorsArmsArticulation, Cute Linkages, & Latches
Manips BProjectile Motion Manipulator Systems in FRCRoller IntakesFlywheel shootersCatapults, Kickers, & PunchersConveyors, Hoppers, & Agitators
TechniquesTorque TransmissionFabrication Styles & Material UtilizationPivoting, Sliding, & LinkagesApplications of Motors, Pneumatics, and Stored Energy
ConceptsMotor Power & GearingMaterial PropertiesElectrical Principles & CircuitsApplied Physics in FRCEngineering Mechanics in FRC
Games & StrategyModern FRC Games (2016- present)FRC Game History (1992-2015)Cycling: Strategies & Game MechanicsEnd Game: Strategies & Game MechanicsAuton Period: Strategies & Game Mechanics
Robots & Teams
Section 3: Work CrewsStrategistBasic Strat Crew OperationsScouting & Data CollectionData Analysis & Draft ApproachesAlliance Composition, Meta Evolution, & Match PlaybooksStrat Crew Soft Skills
TechnicianBasic Pit Crew OperationsRisk Management, Failure Prevention, & Failure ResponseResourcefulness, Problem Solving, & EfficiencyAssessing & Assisting Other Teams' RobotsPit Crew Soft Skills
DriveteamBasic Driveteam OperationsDrills & ManeuversRelentless ImprovementMatch Playbooks, Strategy, & PlanningDriveteam Soft Skills
Section 4:2D CAD/ DrafterOrthographic PerspectiveFabrication PrintsParametric SketchesSolidWorks Sketch FeaturesLayout Sketches & Concept Sketches
3D CAD/ Modeler3D CAD in FRC & SolidWorks Crash CoursePDM Software & File Management and OrganizationCSWASheet MetalCSWP & CSWE
CreatorBrainstorming, Concepting, & Finding InspirationRapid Prototyping Fabrication & AssemblyDiscoveryParamaterization
DesignerIntroduction to FRC Design & FRC Design PhilosophiesStrategy Driven Design PrioritiesDesign Characteristics and Iterative ApproachesDesign Process: Parameters, Questions, Decisions, Tradeoffs
EngineerEngineering DocumentationResearch & Development
Programmer AProgramming in FRC & FRC C++ Crash CourseSensors in FRC, Software & HardwareOrganization & Management of Collaborative CodeDriver/Operator Controls & Interfaces and Smart DashboardCamera Feeds, Software & Hardware
Programmer BTeleoperated ControlsControl LoopsAutonomous Modes & Automated FeaturesDrivetrain PositioningVision Tracking
Section 5:RecruitIntroduction to the RoboJackets Shop, Systems, & ProceduresRoboJackets Work Crews
ContenderPractice for MasteryMindfulness, Self Awareness, & IntrospectionAmbition, Resilience, Fortitude, Endurance, & ConfidenceMaturity & ResponsibilityPursuit of Excellence
ChallengerSituational Awareness & CohesionEngagement & CommunicationInitiative & EnthusiasmCamaradarie & Humility
AchieverTime Management (Short Term & Long Term)Work Habits: Efficiency, Discernment & QC, Follow ThroughWork Management: Risk Management, Project Breakdown, & PrioritizationWork Approaches: Critical Thinking & ResourcefulnessCrunch Time