(Available Soon) Skill Card


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  • Portable business card sized plate made from durable .25” thick aluminum
    • Canadian quarter for scale
  • Customizable
    • Each individual can choose six different skill series, out of 27 options, as their areas of focus
      • See all 27 available series here
    • Engraved with name and tournament level (IQ, EDR, FTC, FRC) on the front
    • Engraved with inset to place QR code sticker for scanning in and out of practices/meetings on the back
  • Detailed
    • Columns represent increasing breadth of knowledge within series
    • Colors of bolts represent proficiency within each level
      • White bolt – awareness/safety understanding
      • Black oxide bolt – basic proficiency
      • Stainless Steel (silver color) bolt – intermediate proficiency
      • Brass (gold color) bolt – advanced proficiency

Initial customization costs $30.  At the time of initial customization anywhere from 1-6 skill series can be chosen.  If fewer than six series are selected at initial customization, additional series can be added later for $10 per machine setup.  Any number of series can be added at each machine setup (up to the six that can fit on each card).


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