About RJK12

About RoboJackets K12

General Information

RoboJackets camps, classes, and VEX IQ teams are operated by RoboJackets K12, owned and operated by Allison Kneisler.  Allison also serves as one of three head coaches of the RoboJackets FRC and FTC teams, which are operated in partnership between…

  • RoboJackets K12 (providing day-to-day team management, strategic direction, and curriculum)
  • Avondale School District (providing our workspace)
  • Avondale Education Foundation (providing finanical management for FRC and FTC)
  • Our team of volunteer engineering coaches (providing expertise and mentoring)
  • Parents of team members (providing meals and logistics support)
  • Our many generous sponsors (providing support in the form of monetary and in-kind donations)

This approach provides a sustainable program that can offer a variety of robotics programs and workshops to serve the Avondale community and develop our future engineers.

Program Goals

We operate a variety of programs to meet the following goals…

  • Ensure long term sustainability through recruiting of young students to populate our FIRST Robotics and VEX Robotics teams
  • Maintain a financially stable and sustainable organization that provides affordable competitive youth robotics opportunities
  • Create opportunities for high school team members to earn funds while sharing their passion with future team members
  • Meet the needs of Avondale/Auburn Hills and the surrounding communities with a diverse offering of programs
  • Operate programs that contribute to our continuous improvement and competitive success
  • Engage members of neighboring teams and communities to build up the RoboJackets reputation and foster networking between teams
  • Share our knowledge and contribute to the increasingly rapid evolution of competitive robotics