Arthur (2016)

Arthur (2016)


Dimensions: 24″L x 24″W x 15.5″H

Inspection Weight: 80 lbs

Drivetrain: Five 4in Colson Wheels per side powered by 3 CIM ball-shifting gearboxes. Passively breaches ramp parts, rough terrain, and rock wall.


  • Spring Catapult: Fires ball into tower with consistency. Utilizes LED lamp for lineup.
  • Multi-Purpose Intake: Double roller with passive compression, intakes ball and holds ball in catapult cradle. Spikes push-down Cheval de Frise ramps to allow breach.


Event:Final Seed:Quals Record:Draft Position:Result:Awards:Photos:Match Playlist:
FiM Southfield68-43rd Alliance 1st PickQuarterfinalistQualitySouthfield PhotosSouthfield Playlist
FiM Midland59-33rd Alliance 1st PickWinnerIndustrial DesignPhotos N/AMidland Playlist
MSC923-9N/AUndraftedNoneMSC PhotosMSC Playlist
Worlds - Carson Division435-54th Alliance 2nd PickWinnerNoneWorlds PhotosWorlds Playlist
Worlds - EinsteinN/AN/AN/AQuarterfinalistNoneEinstein PhotosEinstein Playlist