Flipside (2018)

Flipside (2018)


Dimensions: 27’L x 30’W x 54.5’H

Weight: 112 lbs

Drivetrain: Our 4 Colson, 2 Omni wheel drive train allows for rapid movement and turning. This is run on custom built 3 Mini-Cim ball shifting gearboxes, allowing for gear shifting on the field, which is a mix of speed and power.


  • Our dual stage elevator allows us to get twice the height in half of the time.
  • Our wrist design allows us to move our intake to either side of the robot.
  • Our hook mounted on the top of the robot allows us to climb with a partner without using a ramp.

Autonomous Modes:

  • Two cube switch – middle start
  • Two cube scale – left start, far scale
  • Three cube scale – left start, near scale
  • One cube near switch, one cube near scale, or line cross – meant to be compatible with other robots during playoffs – right start


Event:Final Seed:Quals Record:Draft Position:Result:Awards:Photos:Match Playlist:
FiM Southfield111-11st Alliance CaptainWinnerExcellence in EngineeringSouthfield PhotosSouthfield Playlist
FiM Gull Lake112-01st Alliance CaptainWinnerExcellence in EngineeringGull Lake PhotosGull Lake Playlist
ONT Windsor311-13rd Alliance CaptainSemifinalistIndustrial DesignWindsor PhotosPlaylist N/A
MSC - Ford Division117-51st Alliance 1st PickFinalistCreativityMSC PhotosMSC Playlist
Detroit Championship - Curie Division38-22nd Alliance CaptainFinalistNoneWorlds PhotosWorlds Playlist