Skyhook (2019)

Skyhook (2019)


Dimensions: 28”L x 26”W x 46.5”H

Inspection Weight: 114.6 lbs

Drivetrain: Two 6in Colson-wheels and one 6in Omni-wheel per side provide effective traction with maneuverability. Custom 3 Mini-Cim single speed gearboxes were optimized for time-to-distance cycles from HP loader to scoring locations and provide pushing power against defense.


  • Two-Stage Elevator: Allows the robot to elevate both cargo and hatches to scoring locations.
  • Cargo Intake: Articulating double-roller intake that pivots down to intake cargo from the ground and pivots up to deposit into scoring locations.
  • Hatch Mechanism: Grabs and places hatches by the center hole using two compliant wheels rotating against each other. Passive angular compliance of 15 degrees simplifies hatch deployment lineup.
  • Gantry: Works in conjunction with the cargo intake to raise robot onto hab level 3. Powered by PTO gearbox from elevator, and passively actuated up when disabled.


Event:Final Seed:Quals Record:Draft Position:Result:Awards:Photos:Match Playlist:
FiM Southfield210-21st Alliance 1st PickWinnerCreativitySouthfield PhotosComing Soon
FiM Gull Lake110-1-11st Alliance CaptainWinnerExcellence in EngineeringGull Lake PhotosComing Soon
FiM Alpena #219-31st Alliance CaptainWinnerCreativityAlpena #2 PhotosComing Soon
MSC - Dow Division211-11st Alliance 1st PickWinnerIndustrial DesignMSC PhotosComing Soon
MSC "FiMstein"N/AN/AN/AFinalistN/AMSC PhotosComing Soon
FIRST Championship Detroit - Curie Division68-24th Alliance 1st PickWinnerNoneWorlds PhotosComing Soon
Detroit Einstein FieldN/AN/AN/A3rd Place after Round RobinN/AWorlds PhotosComing Soon