Prospective Sponsor Information

Prospective Sponsor Information

Why are sponsors important?

Aside from providing the resources necessary to support a high quality and sustainable team, sponsors are critical because FRC is built upon relationships between students, teams, and companies. The relationships that are seeded during a student’s tenure on an FRC team open up networking opportunities and generate an awareness of career options. Students are naturally drawn to companies with whom they are already familiar via their participation on an FRC team. This unique and lasting relationship benefits students, teams, and sponsors.

How can sponsors support the team?

  • Financial contributions, managed through the Avondale Education Foundation 501(c)3 non-profit entity, provide the greatest amount of flexibility.
  • The 2018 Bucket Filling Campaign will stock our crib with versatile components and most useful supplies to support robot fabrication and assembly and prototyping in design phases.
  • The 2018 $100 x 100 Campaign will support long term sustainability through investments in capital equipment.
  • In-kind donations of goods or services ease the need for financial contributions
  • Gift cards for brick and mortar locations are handy both at home and on travel events
  • Engineering support enhances the student experience by building relationships and generating awareness of local industries.

Benefits for Sponsors

  • Increased exposure and publicity for companies at local, state, and national levels
  • Strengthened company image and reputation
  • Technologically literate future employees via an investment in the developing workforce
  • All donations are tax deductible (managed through the Avondale Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit entity)

Benefits for Students

  • Exposure to engineering disciplines via a working relationship with professionals
  • Opportunities to develop new skills and interests in a variety of technical and non-technical fields using sophisticated hardware and software
  • Over $50 million in college scholarships
  • A strong set of team values and sense of belonging among team members that cultivates an environment conducive to high achievement
  • Fosters a variety of college and career skills including problem solving, communication, and teamwork
  • Engaging and high-energy competition atmosphere builds lifelong memories

Sponsor Recognition

All sponsors of all levels will receive recognition on our team website sponsors page, a digital copy of our annual report, an invitation to all competitions, a certificate of recognition, a personalized thank you letter, and an invitation to our annual executive summary presentation to our board of education.

Premier$7,500+Recognition in all competition announcements, programs, and listings
Recognition on the RoboJacket team page of the FIRST website/FRC Leaderboard
Logo displayed on home page of website
Logo on team shirts, pit display banners, & competition robot
Recognition on the RoboJacket team page of the FIRST website/FRC Leaderboard
Logo on team shirts, pit display banners, & competition robot
Logo on team shirts & pit display banners
Bronze$500-$999Name on team shirts & pit display banners
Booster$100-$499Name on pit display banners

Projected 2018 Expenditures

Registration Fees$16,000Covers our initial registration fee ($5,000), advancement to state championships ($4,000) and world championships ($5,000), and offseason scrimmage events ($2,000 for four events)
Robots$12,000Covers the costs of our competition robots and two preseason research & development robots. Every individual student on the team is meaningfully involved in the design, fabrication, and programming process for at least two major robot projects each season.
Capital$10,000Investments in equipment contribute to our continued growth and success. Planned investments for 2018 include a small mill machine with digital read out, a floor stand drill press, an arbor press, adequate shelving and storage solutions, and an electrical workstation.

Sponsors can support our investments in equipment by participating in the 2018 Capital $100 x 100 Campaign.
Stock & COTS$8,000On hand components and raw stock maximize opportunities for students to prototype ideas and develop understanding of mechanisms and design concepts. Includes funds for raw material, fasteners and hardware, electrical fabrication supplies, and consumer off the shelf parts.

Sponsors can support purchasing of inventory by participating in the 2018 Bucket Filling Campaign.
Student Subsidies$4,00085% of travel expenses are earned by students via fundraising efforts or contributed by families, however a small amount set aside from the overall budget ensures that can all travel together as one team without placing undue burden on students and families experiencing financial hardship.